About Us

The founder and M.D of Sacars4sale, Clement Mac Arthur, has worked in the security industry for 20 years and was previously the Director for Servest. Cars have always been an integral part of his life, therefore, Clement followed his passion in the motor industry and with his vast experience in operations, servicing blue chip companies and marketing, he decided to start his own online car business.

Sacars4sale have a very passionate and unique team that are partnered with a leading IT Company, always on hand. We have a National Business Development Agent with several years of experience in the motor industry, acting as the driving force behind our sales team to ensure all our Dealerships are running at full strength and capacity to provide optimal customer service. We currently have 13 Agents located throughout South Africa that are on call and there to assist all Dealerships with the daily running of business, thus increasing overall car sales. We, at SAcars4sale, pride ourselves in the building of solid and lasting relationships with our Dealerships, as we are here to support and serve them to make their jobs that much easier.

Our Head Office boasts of a well-established Accounts Department, attending to all financial related matters, as well as a dynamic IT Department, skilled to manage; conduct and service our network.

Why is our website so unique? Simple, it’s user and mobile friendly. We aspire to partner with Dealerships and furthermore to reach customers nationwide through making the selling and buying of vehicles effortless. We don’t want to sell you banners but rather increase your sales. We are linked to IX, making uploading and distribution simple and easy. Our sales agents are professional and capable of providing you with the best service possible. Our website is well structured and prepossessing, offering affordable and well-priced packages, as well as secure and vigilantly monitored, assuring the  public that they are in good hands. We follow through on our commitments and hold fast to the promises we make. 

Sacars4sale has generously invested in social media marketing tools, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. Our initial strategy begins with appearances on T.V, Radio and the launching of various campaigns. We would also like to actively participate in the funding and support of various community causes and churches.

Our Managing Director, Clement, says, ”There are three things that are essential in running a business and that is, to value clients, look after your employees and Integrity. We at Sacars4sale have a creative team that work together as a unit to accomplish our goals. I have big plans for Sacars4sale. My goal is to make Sacars4sale the most user friendly, technologically advanced and ultimately, the leading website in the motor industry. Our website will soon have added services to the public that will value us for what we do.”

“This is where we are and where we are going”

“The Lord is our Partner”


Contact Info


Durban SA

Mobile: 082 440 7251

Email: info@sacars4sale.co.za